What is your current brand voice? Do you even have one? And if so, is it consistent across all channels and verticals?

Most business owners and marketers don’t have a clear, consistent brand voice that allows them to stand out from the crowd. Most don’t understand either how their content strategy ties into that overall brand voice.

Your content strategy is only going to function properly if it has 3 critical elements. Your content must attract, delight, and convert your readers. This is the basis of a solid content strategy.

But attention comes at a price in this wired world. Attention is currency.

If you’re publishing content, then you already have a brand voice. Your brand voice is the tone you use to communicate with your audience. It’s the words, style, and voice that your company uses to communicate with your audience.

All of this says a lot about your brand. Because of this, you don’t want to leave defining your brand voice to chance.

Your brand voice needs to be consistent across all of your content pieces and messaging. Across all platforms you need a consistent picture of your brand so you’re not seen negatively. Without consistency, you begin attracting desperate segments of people, and you’ll end up confusing your target audience.

Having a clear, consistent brand voice in all of your content and across all channels, stops you from sounding like everyone else in your niche.

The minute you begin writing like everyone else, you put out a clear message, “Our products/services are like everyone else.”

3 Steps to Defining Your Brand Voice

  1. Take Stock of Your Current Content
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Take a look at all of your company’s current content. Which pieces have the same or a similar tone to them? Are they unique to your style? Are there any pieces that don’t carry a similar tone, and sound like they were written by everyone else in your niche?

  • What 3 Words Describe Your Brand?

Pick 3 attributes to describe your brand. Is your brand quirky? Funny? Feminine? Serious? Modern? Etc.

The words you choose to describe your brand will also influence your writing voice.

Analytical Artistic Authentic
Authoritative Bold Bright
Caring Candid Charming
Clear Calm Colorful
Cheerful Chic Compassionate
Daring Dangerous Detailed
Elegant Dynamic Delightful
Exciting Edgy Energetic
Feminine Fun Frank
Genuine Flirty Honest
Intense Humorous Informal
Kind Inspiring Motivating
Outspoken Knowledgeable Over-deliver
Optimistic Out of the box Powerful
Playful Professional Smart
Spiritual Rebellious Stylish
Simple Strong Silly
Quirky Sophisticated Thoughtful
Whimsical Trustworthy Unique
Upbeat Witty  

Once you’ve defined what your brand IS, you also need to define what it is not.

Ex: Your brand is bold, but not arrogant.

This helps to provide you with markers and parameters to really define your brand voice.

  • Create a Brand Statement

Write down the “Do’s” of how you want your brand voice to come across to your audience. Then create a list of corresponding “Don’ts”. From that you can create a statement of your overall brand voice.

Once you’ve created a brand statement of how you want your brand to be seen in the marketplace, and how your brand voice should be, go through all of your content pieces and brand messages to ensure you’re portraying a consistent brand voice across all channels and verticals.

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