What do you think the difference is between a good salesperson and a great salesperson?

Attitude ad perseverance are two major factors for success, but they are not the only ones.

People buy from those people that they enjoy being around because a positive person is much more comfortable to be around than a negative, cynical person.

However, there are a lot of positive, persistent people who are not great success stories.

The main thing that great salespeople do differently than most is not something major or dramatic.

They just do a little something extra every day, in every call, and for every customer. Most people stop when they’ve done what is required, and that’s when they’re just getting started.

Great salespeople make a point of making one more sales call than is required every day. That one extra call adds up to 250 extra calls every year. And if you sell 20% of those, that gives you an extra 50 customers every year because of the one extra call every day.

That one extra call is the ‘money call’ because that’s the one that separates you from your competitors who, by that point have called it a day.

They also develop an extensive database where they enter every customer and prospect. That database system sends them a daily reminder, prompting them with important facts about the customer- kids names, birthdays, anniversaries, hobbies, interests, etc. Now they have an excuse to keep in contact with them.

They also write at least one personal note to at least one customer every day. Prospects and customers tend to remember those notes because they usually get impersonal emails rather than a personal, handwritten note that comes through the mail.

These people don’t tend to lose a single customer to a competitor, because they take the extra steps to do something special everyday to keep in touch!

The average salesperson loses between 10% and 20% of their customers every year.

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Over a 5 year period, the great salesperson will have 2x the number of customers as their peers if they continue at this pace.

The #1 factor of their success is having a process that allows them to go over and above for every customer.

The And Then Some Mentality

With the ‘And Then Some’ mentality, you do what is expected… and then some. A little something extra.

Add a little extra value and let the customer know their business is important. Under-promise and over-deliver.

Every time you interact with someone, give them more than they expect. Treat every customer like a star.

Q+A= C

The quality of your service plus your attitude toward the service you provide, equals your compensation.

When you give your customers a ‘star’ treatment, you can literally quadruple your earnings.

Imagine a cab company where the cab is as clean as whistle inside and out. The driver is full of energy and enthusiasm, neatly dressed in black pants, starched white shirt, and a black tie. When he sees you, he’s smiling, stretches out his hand, tells you his name, and tells you that it’s a pleasure for him to drive you.

And while loading your luggage, he hands you a laminated mission statement:

(His Name)’s Mission:

Get you where you need to go-

Fast, comfortably, and safely.


You get into the car and it’s absolutely spotless, with that day’s edition of the local newspaper neatly folded waiting for you. There’s a thermos of hot coffee and another laminated card posted with the types of music and talk shows on the radio that’s available during your ride.

Can you imagine that kind of star treatment every time you enter a cab?

And why would his service be called ‘his name’ star treatment?

Because his name is more important than just ‘Star Treatment’. It’s important for everyone to know his name. It also provides extra calls directly to him because customers will remember him by name- thus increasing his revenues.

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Most people might be interested in being excellent, but most people are not committed enough to make excellence an every day event.

Have you ever noticed when January comes around, everybody resolves to get in shape? In January workout facilities are crowded and you have to stand in line for a machine. But come April, the machines are empty.

The people you saw in January were most likely ‘interested’. A few months later, only the committed remain.

The committed individuals have just as many distractions and reasons to quit exercising as the ones who vanished from the gym, but they made the commitment to keep going.

The difference between mere interest and commitment are the habits you develop. It’s those simple things that make the difference.

It’s often easier because there aren’t too many people travelling the extra mile. So few in fact, you might find yourself alone. But that’s where real success happens.

And Then Some doesn’t just apply to people who work directly with customers. It applies to everyone– the person in the warehouse who retrieves the product and delivers it with a smile; the person in accounting who aggressively seeks alternatives to help customers pay their bills; the CEO who takes the time to meet all levels of employees monthly.

Anyone can have the And Then Some mentality.

When you do that, you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Make a list of the different ways in your life- both at work and at home- that you can go the extra mile.

And Then Some Key Points to Remember

  • My attitude is important, but I need to change my habits as well.
  • And Then Some is not necessarily something big. It’s making a habit of consistently doing the seemingly small things.
  • Anyone at any level in any position can give something extra.
  • I may find myself travelling ‘the extra mile’ alone, but that is where real success happens.
  • No more blaming or justifying why I am where I am, it’s time to move forwards.

Do Something Different

  1. Be committed.
  2. Develop an And Then Some habit by actively looking for ways to go the extra mile or give some special treatment- both at work and at home.

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