In any organization, it’s always the receptionist who has a finger on the pulse of the business and what’s happening with everything and everyone.

The receptionist has power. They are the eyes and ears for everything that goes on, and they’re the first impression of the company for every person that comes through the door, or who calls in.

The receptionist can tell you the 3 things that successful people do differently from the rest of the pack

  1. The most successful people are the ones who have an ‘abundance mentality’. These people believe there is plenty of knowledge, wisdom, and success for everyone. There is room for everyone to be successful- one person’s success does not diminish or reduce the possibility of another person’s success.

These people have the confidence to share their wisdom because they believe that success is not a zero sum event- where someone has to lose for the other person to win. Successful people believe that success breeds more success.

  • Successful people are open-minded enough to ask for others’ input and be willing to learn from it. They learn from everyone and aren’t threatened by anyone.

Most people will allow their ego and arrogance to get in the way of good common sense. They’re afraid to ask others what changes need to be made to improve.

Other employees have the knowledge to share but aren’t asked. It’s a waste of resources. People in the organization have the answers most of the time if the right questions are asked. People will drown you with good ideas if you just ask them.

  • Follow through. Most people do not follow through and do what they say they’re going to do. They may do part of what they say, but rarely do they do all of what they promise.

I doubt it’s intentional. But they don’t follow through, and because of this shortcoming, their integrity is always in question.

Consider It Done

Those 3 simple words reflect your dependability and confidence, not just in that instance, but again and again.

What if the entire organization thought the same way? What if everyone either considered it done when they accepted an assignment or project, or right up front, raised their concerns so you could figure out why it couldn’t be done in the time or manner being requested?

Consider It Done should be a guiding principle within every organization. Every person on every team should be doing all that needs to be done- no more jobs done halfway.

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Occasionally, you may have to negotiate the project up front, but most of the time they’ll walk away and Consider It Done with confidence.

And don’t forget to do a regular “sanity check”.

Outline on a white board exactly what has to take place to accomplish the project. That way, everyone can see clearly if what they’re trying to do is feasible or not. If it’s not, then you have to adjust your timing and your expectations. After that, you can leave the room knowing that everyone can Consider It Done.

People are looking for consistency. They want to know that the values won’t change based on the situation of the day. Consider It Done makes a tremendous impact on your success and the success of the organization.

There are more than just words within that phrase.

There is confidence, commitment, and accountability.

Plus it reflects an attitude of moving forward. Committing to those 3 words is the test of our integrity- the master switch- that controls every other part of success.

When a person sacrifices their integrity, nothing else really matters. Does it matter what you say if no one trusts you? Does it matter how committed, skilled, or courageous, or optimistic you are if people don’t believe you?

None of these traits matter if people can’t listen to what you say and Consider It Done.

People who live by the Consider It Done principle possess one of the most respected virtues in all of life, and that virtue is integrity.

People want to be with others who’s audio (their words) are in sync with their video (their actions). If you have proven yourself to be honest and trustworthy, and you can be counted on to deliver on your words, you are indeed a unique and valued person.

Loss of integrity- primarily due to arrogance and ego- are the principle reasons for failure.

Many people use the words integrity and honesty interchangeably. Integrity is a much broader term, coming from the word integral, which means, “Whole or undivided”.

If you have integrity, you’re a complete person. Without it, you’re fragmented and incomplete.

It’s never being ashamed of your reflection. If you can look in the mirror every day without regret, your integrity is intact.

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We don’t have to define integrity- we just have to identify what we think is the right thing to do.

The right thing to do isn’t always black and white. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what’s the right thing to do. That’s when we need to clear our minds so we can figure out what’s right.

When faced with a situation, we can run an integrity check. Our integrity check is to ask ourselves, “What is the right thing to do?” If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll know the answer.

Think about some of the largest organizations that have fallen because of integrity issues. Where would they be today if someone had answered the question, ‘what is the right thing to do?’

Would Enron’s path have led to destruction, or would they still be an inspirational success story?

Would Bernie Madoff have swindled more than 14,000 clients for over $50 billion if someone within the organization had the courage to ask him, “Are we doing the right thing?”

Integrity is the commitment to do what’s right, regardless of the circumstances.

You have to keep your integrity, No Matter What.

Developing trust depends entirely upon the integrity you consistently demonstrate. But more people spend more time polishing their image, than living up to their word. They’re more concerned with how they look than what they’re doing.

Our success comes from our ability to use our common sense, to listen to others, and to be consistent in our actions.

Consider It Done Assignment

Take some time to reflect on the first 3 simple truths, No Matter What, And Then Some, and Consider It Done. Then, take it one step further and write down any situations where you might not be following through as well as you could be.

Take 2 hours and dedicate that time to your wife/husband. The time needs to be dedicated exclusively to them- no TV, not at mealtime- but dedicated time. Begin working on your relationship. Begin by telling them about the first 3 truths and see if you can apply the same principles to your home life.

Key Points to Remember

  • Successful people have an abundance mentality. They keys to success are all around me if I pay attention and listen.
  • Consider It Done- do what you say you will do.
  • Integrity is never being ashamed of my reflection.
  • Success comes from our ability to use our common sense, to listen to others, and to be consistent in our actions.

Do Something Different

  1. Act with integrity No Matter What
  • Act so that when I say I’ll do something, others can Consider It Done
  • Use an integrity check by asking, “What is the right thing to do?”

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