Promptness is an important trait that most people overlook. When people are late, it’s disrespectful and an insult to the person they are meeting.

Apply these concepts to your life and marriage.

You need to accept responsibility for where you are in your life. It’s easy for everyone to get wrapped up in their careers and let some personal things slip through the cracks. But those things are just as important as work.

We often rationalize that the quality of our time together is more important than the quantity of our time together. We need both quality and quantity.

Decide that spending time together will be the number 1 priority in your marriage or relationship, and outline how you are going to do that. Some of those things could be game changers in your relationship.

The causes of most marital problems are the same as business problems- communication and misperceptions. Continue to make communication a priority. It will make a big difference.

We become complacent. Complacency is the root of mediocrity, and mediocrity is success’s worst enemy- a far greater enemy than failure.

If viewed with the right perspective, failure can lead to success- because it forces us to move in anther direction. Mediocrity hinders success because it keeps us in our comfort zone with excuses and false beliefs, preventing us from doing what we need to do to move forward.

When you make a commitment to a person or an organization, you have to be “all in”. If you’re all in, then you’re communicating openly at all times.

The Above All Else Mentality

Above All Else means that you understand what the most important non-negotiable things in your job and your life really are.

If nothing is non-negotiable, and if you haven’t clearly defined your values, then everything is up for negotiation.

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What about your employment contract? It’s not just for your protection. It’s for the protection of both parties. And if you’re willing to bail out on your end, why shouldn’t you expect the same from your company? You both made a commitment and that commitment should be Above All Else.

You don’t leave, abandon, or bail out of a problem. That’s the coward’s way out. It’s very rare that someone comes out better when they leave a problem.

Many people will leave an organization because of some problem or issue. They find another ‘opportunity’, but soon discover the same problem exists at the new organization. Rather than pursuing a valid opportunity, they were really running away from a problem.

Never leave a problem- work to resolve it instead- and move toward genuine opportunity.

When you develop, express, and live values that are Above All Else, you can change not only yourself, but also an entire organization.

Many people and organizations will overreact to the next hot deal, new slogan, cutting-edge philosophy, and fresh management concept without establishing the guiding values they would put Above All Else.

In essence, they keep creating the next new, ‘Above All Else’, which means that they don’t have a guiding philosophy at all.

The Chick-fil-A Above All Else Principle

In the highly competitive fast food business, Chick-fil-A has made a stand. Their restaurants are not open on Sundays. Conventional wisdom says that’s ridiculous since Sunday is a cash cow for fast food and restaurants.

But Truett Cathy, Chick-fil-A’s founder, believes that for 6 days of the week his employees work and on the 7th, they rest.

Every person in their organization has also been trained not only to serve their customers, but also to respond to any customer request by saying, “It’s my pleasure”. Those simple words reinforce their commitment to the people who buy their products.

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The Chick-fil-A philosophy is that you have to re-earn your reputation everyday. They know that if your people understand what the company’s values are Above All Else, they will give their customers great service. Those customers, in return, will become repeat customers and your raving fans.

Implementing Above All Else

What are your values? Know them, believe them, and live them. Above All Else reminds us to remain level-headed and calm, even in the midst of economic, personal, or business turmoil. The one thing that should never change is our values. They should be Above All Else.

It means you precisely understand your values and know- without a doubt- that you will not compromise them, regardless of the situation.

The true measure of success is being able to look in the mirror and know that you had the courage to live the values that are Above All Else in your life.

Most people have a tendency to exaggerate the good things, and the bad things going on in their lives. In reality, the bad is never as bad as it seems, and the good is never as good as it seems.

Constantly remind yourself not to exaggerate the reality of the situation. Remind yourself, “this too shall pass”.

One change that you must make is to be clearer in your values. Know what you would put Above All Else. Write them down. Your personal values will guide your professional career.

Without established personal values, you just react to a crisis you’re facing without having a moral compass to guide you in the right direction. Those with a clear moral compass, know exactly what is Above All Else and react accordingly.

Above All Else Key Points to Remember

  • Complacency is the root of mediocrity
  • Above All Else means I understand- without question- what is non-negotiable in my job and in my life.
  • When you make a commitment, you have to be “all in”.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Most people have a natural tendency to exaggerate the good things and the bad things going on in their lives.

Do Something Different

  1. Never leave a problem- instead, move toward an opportunity.
  • Know my values, believe them, live them.

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