Let’s talk about the fundamentals of goal setting. The secret sauce is this…

Seeing what I want to accomplish, feeling the result of the action, trusting that I’m doing the right thing, and then implementing the plan.

Do you know the difference between the best golfers and average golfers in the way they approach the game?

The typical golfer goes to the range and hits balls for hours, making the same mistakes over and over. The best golfers realize the most important part of golf is what happens between the golfer’s ears.

Golf isn’t really a physical game. You can play golf from the time you’re 3 years old. The people who are able to manage the mental part of the game are the ones who enjoy it the most, play the best, and take the most money from their competitors.

Before any round, you need to create a plan. The plan may change, based on the wind, temperature, who you’re playing with, situations that present themselves on the course, or even how you feel on that particular day. Regardless of current circumstances, or environment, the game of golf begins in your head.

The first thing to do is to establish goals for the round. Every round begins with you setting specific goals about what you want to accomplish in that round.

Since you have no control over what your opponent does, you have to make your goals personal, positive, and specific- such as what score you want to shoot, how many putts you’ll make during the round, how many greens you’ll hit in regulation, etc.

Your goals must be measurable, they must have results, and the goals have to be attainable. If you’re an 18-handicap golfer, your goal for the day shouldn’t be to shoot par- that’s unrealistic and will only frustrate you and the people you’re playing with.

Become a Great Artist

To be a great golfer, you have to be a great artist.

Before you hit a shot, you must visually paint a picture in your mind of what you want the shot to look like. Your body will then begin to respond to the information it sees in your mind, and your muscles will work off the picture you visualized. So you have to mentally see each shot before you hit it.

EX: Imagine you’re playing a hole with water on the left side of the fairway. See the ball landing on the right side of the fairway and don’t even visualize the water. Consciously take the water out of play.

A lot of people focus on the water and how to stay out of it, as opposed to seeing the ball hit perfectly on the other side of the fairway.

People tend to focus on the negative or what they don’t want to happen, rather than visualizing the positive or what they do want to happen.

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See the shot where you want it to land. After you see it, then line up your shot and ‘feel the shot’, in your mind, hitting your clubface squarely. Once you feel it in your mind, then you have to trust your body and muscles to do the rest.

Golf is a game played by memory. You stare at the ball on the ground in front of you before you hit it. Yet you want it to go where you’ve painted your picture. The painting is the most important part. Once you see it, and can feel it, then trust your swing to take the ball to the spot you painted in your mind.

See It, Feel It, Trust It, Do It

This can be applied to success in any part of your life.

Most people who are unhappy in life are unhappy because they don’t have goals or a sense of purpose.

Do you have clear goals that give purpose to your life? What are your most important goals right now? What steps are you taking to move towards those goals?

If you can’t paint a picture of what success looks like to you, how can you feel it and then trust that the activities you’re doing will lead you where you want to go?

Most people are more focused on the probability of failing, than on the probability of succeeding. They’re focusing on their frustrations and have stopped dreaming about what they want to accomplish with their life.

Not having specific goals and keeping your expectations low protect you from disappointment.

Successful people know exactly what they want, and it is specific, measurable, and attainable. You can’t see, feel, trust, and do something that hasn’t been clearly identified.

It’s critical to follow all 4 steps. If you leave out a step, you’re not going to get the same result.

Write your goals down because writing clarifies your thoughts. There is power in writing. Sometimes it’s hard to ‘see’ our goals vividly in our mind, but it’s difficult to be vague when your write your thoughts on paper. Writing clarifies the situation and helps you answer the questions: Is this goal worthwhile? And Is this goal attainable? If the answer is no to either one, you need to rethink your goal.

And the reason it’s important to tell others is that it holds you accountable to someone and helps you move forward, and hopefully, you can bring someone on the trip with you.

The Goal Setting Process

  1. See It

Envision the goal in your mind. Visualize it as a positive situation- what you want to happen (ball on the fairway) rather than what you don’t want to happen (ball in the water).

  • Feel It
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Write the goal on paper, and describe it in positive, personal, and present tense. (Ex: I am a non-smoker on June 19, 2018).

Do a “reality check” and attach emotion to the goal by asking these questions:

  • Why do I want to achieve this goal? (Ex: better health, family desire, save money, etc).
  • Is this goal intensely desired?
  • Is it achievable and realistic?
  • Am I willing to pay the price to achieve this goal?
  • Trust It

Who can you tell that will support you and hold you accountable?

  • Do It

Every minute spent in planning will save you 5 minutes in execution. Make a plan to accomplish your goal, including:

  • Where are you starting from/ what is your current situation? (Ex: I currently smoke a pack a day).
  • Set a deadline/ date to accomplish the goal.
  • Identify the obstacles to overcome.
  • Determine who’s help you will need to accomplish the goal.
  • How are you going to accomplish the goal? Specifically list the activities required as well as the priority of activities.

The most difficult thing is understanding, exactly and specifically what you really want. Writing it down helps to paint the canvas more vividly. Then the other steps will come relatively easy.

Pay Attention to Who You Allow In Your Life

The most successful people have specific goals for their body, mind, and soul. Each of those areas are interdependent and affect all the other areas of your life.

You will work better if you have a healthy body, you are a compassionate soul, and you feed your mind with new and positive ideas. If you focus on improving those areas, you’ll discover that they all get stronger together.

Success does not come easily. If you want easy, you’ll never achieve success. The valuable things in life are hard to get, which is why so many people don’t even have goals in their life.

To be successful, you have to work as hard on yourself as you do in your job. You will not achieve success if you lose your family, health, or compassion.

Success is measured by the lives you positively affect.

Pay close attention to the people you’re spending time with. You’ll become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. That can be a blessing or a curse. You need to be around people who bless you, and that’s a decision you control.

Choose not to accept negativity or cynicism into your life.

You control your actions. If you want to attract positive people, you must act positive. To attract successful people, you must act successful. To attract committed people, you must act committed.

Who you become is who you’ll attract. You must see it, feel it, trust it, and do it.

See It, Feel It, Trust It, Do It Key Points to Remember

  • I’ve been more focused on the possibility of failing than I have on succeeding- that has to change now!
  • I can’t see, feel, trust, and do something that has not been clearly and specifically identified.
  • If I want easy, I will not achieve success.
  • I will become like the 5 people I spend the most time with… and that can be a blessing or a curse.
  • To attract successful people, I must act successful.

Do Something Different

  1. Set goals using the 4 step See It, Feel It, Trust It, Do It. Process.
  • Act in a manner consistent with whom and what I want to attract.

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