Success Secret 8 Knowledge Is Power

Firefighters are the best-trained team you’ll ever come across. They train daily to prepare for virtually any kind of emergency that could arise.

If their teams know the fundamentals of fire and understand fire behavior, they will be prepared and any fire will not surprise them. So learning and training is a huge part of everything they do.

Most firefighters will not see the same exact fire twice in their careers. That’s why they must have tremendous knowledge and be prepared for the situations that present themselves every day.

In firefighting, just as in life and business, how we prepare counts. Knowledge is particularly crucial for firefighting since much of their work is done with limited vision due to dense smoke.

They depend on each other to communicate the situation and to be where they are supposed to be. Each member of the team at the fire is accountable for completion of their assignment. To fail in any area could be disastrous.

Knowledge is power because it saves lives. Knowledge gives us the power to choose. Firefighters have to know what their options are and what they’re going to do if things go wrong. And they have to understand when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to get out, as well as being able to make decisions without hesitation.

Sometimes you will just have to rely on ‘luck’. You create luck by increasing your knowledge and being prepared. So the more you learn, the better your decisions, and the luckier you will be.

Knowledge is power no matter what profession you are in.

The key to success is to keep learning and increasing your knowledge. No matter what you want to accomplish, you will need more knowledge than you have now.

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When people are headed down the wrong path, many people will try to motivate them, which only speeds up their arrival at the wrong place. Instead, what they need is knowledge so they can turn themselves around and get back on the right path.

The day you graduate from school is the day your real education begins. What separates the successful from the not-so-successful, is their quest to continually learn.

You can tell a lot about people by the books they read. It shows their philosophy and values.

Business people who read at least 7 books per year earn over 230% more than people who just read 1 book per year.

On average, CEO’s of major organizations are said to read 4 books per month. Yet most of the people working for them don’t read 4 books in a lifetime.

Their primary job is to have and create knowledge. That’s a major priority for any leader.

You can be in the top 1% by reading just 1 book per month. One book per month is about a ½ chapter a day, maybe 10 minutes. Is it worth being in the top1% of earners for a 10 minute a day investment?

The challenge isn’t finding the time. The challenge is being disciplined and making the pursuit of knowledge a habit and priority in your life.

Regardless of a person’s profession, the truths for success are basically the same. Success can be achieved by doing a lot of simple things well.

Success is not something that happens because of luck or even unique talents. It’s achieved because of an individual’s desire and determination to make it happen. They work hard but enjoy the trip because they have positive missions.

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The best way to increase knowledge is to teach someone else. The more knowledge you give away, the more you get.

But don’t give it just to get something in return. Give it so you will have more to give. As you are giving knowledge, you are also learning from the one you are giving it to.

The 8 Truths Success Plan

  • No Matter What- I accept responsibility and move forward.
  • And Then Some- I give what is expected and then some.
  • Consider It Done- I am consistent and dependable.
  • Above All Else- I adhere to my values.
  • From Now On- I learn from my mistakes and welcome change.
  • See It, Feel It, Trust It, Do It- I am a champion goal-setter.
  • Focus Inside the Boat- I manage my attention and defeat procrastination.
  • Knowledge Is Power- I am a lifelong learner.

The more you learn, the more you earn. The more knowledge you have, the more respect, freedom, happiness, and success you will earn. You become more valuable to everyone. And people search out those who have learned the most.

You can’t depend on ‘luck’ to carry you through. Make the decision to live your life by making better choices rather than depending on luck. Being lucky will never provide you with the knowledge you need to be successful. You have to pursue knowledge and then take your chances.

The beauty of knowledge is that it’s readily available.

Knowledge Is Power Key Points to Remember

  • The truths for success are basically the same, regardless of the profession.
  • Knowledge will not come looking for me. I have to seek it out.
  • What separates the most successful people from others is their quest to continually learn.
  • If you are searching for just one activity that provides a great ROI, read books.
  • The more I learn, the more success I will earn.

Do Something Different

  1. Develop a daily habit of increasing knowledge.
  • Create “luck” by increasing knowledge and being prepared.
  • Give so I have the opportunity to give more.

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