Creating value in the marketplace truly isn’t enough to stand out from the crowd and ensure your business success.

If you’ve been following along, you will have already gone through the before and after grid to create the idea after state for your audience. You will have also crafted your winning statement of value.

So, you know EXACTLY what your market wants, the hard work is done, right?


Just because the market wants what you’re offering… that doesn’t mean they want it from YOU. (At least… not yet.)

Yes, we have to make sure that what we offer is what our market wants, but just because someone wants it, doesn’t mean they want it yet.

The conversion funnel takes that into account. It’s all about the courtship with your prospects and customers. It’s about using appropriate sequence and following ordinary human interaction. Just like if you were ‘dating’.

The 2 Types of Doubts to Overcome Within Your Content and Marketing Messages

No matter how great your product or service, or how much your prospect might need it, there are always going to be 2 types of doubts going on in their heads.

  1. The prospects doubt in your brand. This is really where overcoming objections, and FAQ pages comes into play. Testimonials, trust seals, case studies, etc., all help out in overcoming the doubts about you and your brand.

But that isn’t even the biggest hurdle you have as a marketer and business owner.

  • Prospect’s doubt in themselves.  “I just got out of a terrible relationship (with another brand) and I don’t think I’ll ever find someone what will love me and treat me right.”

This is the conversation going on in their heads. It has nothing to do with the other person (brand). But this is the biggest hurdle we as marketers and business owners must overcome. They’re skeptical of themselves and their own abilities based on their experiences with other companies and their products or services.

Think about how many times your prospects and customers have been burned by someone else.

We have to overcome both. Ignoring the second one is one of the most disastrous things that business owners can do.

So we have to identify, is #2 an issue? And if so, how do we overcome it?

And that’s what lead magnets and tripwires allow you to do….

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By delivering patience and delivering value in advance, and little victories.

Create Little Victories for Content Success

You have overcome the biggest hurdle of all. Your prospect’s self-doubt. Even if they want the desired end result, they’ve got a conversation going on in their heads and they’re thinking to themselves, “I can’t do that. There’s no way.”

The best tripwires are also “little victories”.

Ex: A weight loss product that makes users feel thinner in 7 days (7 day juice fast to push out the toxins and junk, prepping and resetting the body so when they start the actual program, it will be more effective. It also resets the taste buds so you no longer have a lot of the same cravings).

In those 7 days, two things happen. They do feel thinner, look thinner. And they tell people that the hardest part is those first 7 days, so if they can get through those 7 days- everything gets easier. Now they believe they can complete the program because they just did the hardest part.

Ask yourself, how can I apply a little victory? How can I make my prospect feel better about themselves and move them down the line towards the end goal? Figure that out because I promise you- your competition will not.

Brainstorming Little Victories

Picture your perfect prospect in your mind.

Then imagine you get a phone call from an old friend from college (or high school). Someone you haven’t talked to in years.

Collapse the two. Picture the old friend IS your ideal customer. Picture them dealing with the exact same issue that your ideal customer is dealing with.

Imagine for a minute that you’re sitting on your couch, unwinding after a long day of work, enjoying your favorite beverage, watching TV. Your phone rings. You don’t recognize the number. But something in your gut tells you to answer the call. So you do.

It’s your old friend you haven’t heard from in years. You ask, “how is everything going?”

Now imagine that their first word is the word you wrote down in the “Feel” section of the Before and After grid. What is the Feel word you wrote there?

This friend tells you that they were searching the internet because they have a problem that you solve. They found you again while searching. Now they’re calling you, asking for help because you’re an expert on this.

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What would you say to that person to make them FEEL better? What would you say to move them down that continuum of belief?

If you can put yourself in that scenario and really imagine it, you will become pretty creative.

What are you going to say to give them that little victory?

All of this is designed to help you really focus in on your content and marketing messages to ensure success. I can guarantee you your competition is NOT going through all of this. That helps you stand out from the crowd and become the go-to solution your market is searching for.

Going Beyond Demographics Into the Psychographics

Everyone in content marketing and copywriting tells you to concentrate on the demographic market of who you’re targeting to get your message out there. But there is something just as important- the psychographics. It’s important to know the motivational factors that run their thinking process and buying decisions.

For your content to have that stronghold on your audience, you need to convince them that you know precisely what they’re going through. You can do this by addressing their motivational factors throughout your content marketing and copy.

8 Basic Desires that are biologically programmed:

  1. Survival/ enjoyment of life/ life extension
  2. Freedom from pain, fear, and danger
  3. Enjoyment of food and beverages
  4. Comfortable living conditions
  5. Sexual companionship
  6. Care and protection of loved ones
  7. Social approval
  8. Superiority/ winning/ keeping up with the Jones’

In addition to these, human beings are also want to learn:

  • To be curious
  • To be informed
  • To have clean bodies and surroundings
  • Efficiency
  • Dependability/ quality
  • Economy/ profit
  • To express beauty/ style
  • Bargains

So think about how these manifest in your target audience. If they don’t achieve or fulfill these desires, how would they feel and how will this be a source of fear or frustration for them.

Taken together, all of these questions will help you understand your prospect or customer at a deep level and show you the type of person you want to attract and influence.

Once you know your audience’s fears and frustration, you will be able to use those clues to create headlines and content openers that hook readers and tap into their deepest thoughts.

I suggest using a tool like Buzzsumo to find content that is popular in your niche. Look at how their audience reacts to it. Pay close attention to the content itself- what emotions are they triggering, and what needs are they fulfilling?

There is so much more to content success than just creating the same content that everyone else is. In such a crowded marketplace, with everyone competing for the same eyeballs and attention…. Value alone isn’t enough to win this game.

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